Monday, 23 August 2010

August 28th. Devchelle2 BLOGTV charity event.

I've known Devchelle2 for quite a long while. He is a good guy and a good friend of mine. We both have disagreements with each other sometimes and he sometimes express his disapproval of some of the things I do.

Most of the time when I cannot sleep like around 2am or such in the UK, I always go and look at blogtv to see if devchelle2 is broadcasting. He like to talk about all kinds of subjects such as Atheism, Christianity, Islam, Trolls bugging him, pretty much anything. For all those British folks who can't sleep, go and watch his show!.

Devchelle2 has organised a charity event where he will host several of your favorite YouTubers to who you are subscribed with. Hosts including Dprjones, gothatfunk, christinepeace, rhpsmagenta, ediblenapalm, notinmyname2050, dawahfilms, godlesshayes, zaunstar, edenscancer, lapkine77, lordclydeofOMARS, sardonicskeptic, ZJempTV, allbabiesareatheist, snowwalkerone, dlandcole, seventhcycle, c0nc0rdance and many more of your favorite youtubers...

All proceedings will go to GMHC (Gay Men health Crisis) in which the donations will go to researching a cure for HIV/AIDS. To find out more about GMHC, click here for thier website.

To leave a donation for the event, please go to :-

36 hours? Damn dev! Better get those energy drinks ready! And that goes for you guest hosts!

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